Your story Your Life

All of us create a “story” about our lives and ourselves. We live out this story. All the people in our lives are characters in the story. We attract them based on what roles they are to play in our story. Are you happy with the story you are creating about you and your life? If not, change it.  Change your story!

Our brain subconsciously (or consciously) sums up every new person we meet and makes a decision if we should add them to our current story or not. Often, we add people to our story that remind us of our people who hurt us when we were growing up.  One woman had an alcoholic father. She said she would never get involved with a man who drank too much. It was only after she got married that she discovered her husband’s alcoholism. Some red flags were there along the way, but the story she believed and created was that she wasn’t  truly worthy of a sober man. No big surprise she invited a man into her life to complete her story from her childhood.

Another woman carried her wounds from  childhood sexual abuse with her and attracted a man who had a sexual compulsion into her life. When asked what her story was, she only knew that her value was in her sexuality. She was not yet  able to attract men who valued her for her big heart and her other amazing attributes. (She is currently working on “rewriting” her story!)

When teen girls tell me they keep attracting the wrong type of guy, I ask them to tell me their story. It is usually clear to me that they are inviting the “right” guys to keep their current story going. The guys are not “wrong.” The guys fit the story. It’s the story that’s wrong! The girls need to change their story before they can begin to attract the “right” guys.

What is your story?  Who are the characters in your story and why are they there? Do you know the roles they play in your story? Are you happy with your story? If not, here is how to change it.

Write down your current story. Fill in as many details as possible. Next, write down what you want your new story to be. How are the two stories different? What can you do to live your new story? What are the types of situations and people you want to write into your new story?

Do not let your current “wrong” story keep you from leading the life you want for yourself.  And don’t waste time regretting past stories you have created and lived that didn’t bring you what you really wanted. Life is a growing process. Stop looking back. Stay in the present and work with what is right in front of you.

The story you create about yourself is equal to the life you create for yourself. “Write” carefully!

If you would like more information on how to change your story to live a better, happier life, whether you are 13 or 103, drop me a line. Happy to help you write the story you really want!