Low Glycemic Food List and Food Portion Sizes

Where does dessert fit into that food portion plate?

My best recommendation is to wait a couple hours after dinner and eat dessert as your next snack.

Another option is to make it your “carbohydrate” during dinner. I don’t like this choice as much because you’re probably replacing nutritious food with something much less nutritious.

Vacation without Gaining Weight

Most people struggle with gaining weight on vacations. You won’t anymore.

The Key is eating your appropriate food portion sizes, making sure you have those low glycemic foods included in your meals, and snacking in between (see Step 5 – Find Some Snacks).

Our family drove around California last year, and we kept snacks in the rental car (just crackers and cookies from grocery stores). However, we did pay attention to portions. Keep snacks under 200 calories and dinner portions the size of your hand (see graphic below). We kept our weight steady with https://www.sportzfuel.com/.

Apply the same techniques for holidays. Keep up your snacks and you’ll be able to keep your “feasts” in better proportions.

Worried about Smaller Meals

Are you worried that these portions are too small and won’t fill you up?

First, remember Step 5 – Find Some Snacks.
You can be eating Snacks every 2-3 hours. You don’t need a belly-busting meal when you’re going to eat again in a couple hours.

Second, read about low glycemic index foods (table to the left), which are naturally filling.


Comfort food is easy to eat. Vegetables (for most of us) aren’t so easy. Learning about how food impacts our blood sugar helped me. Don’t give up mashed potatoes, but make sure to add a little salad on the side. Believe it or not, it evens out the impact on your blood sugar.

Ever feel like depriving yourself for hours to lose weight? I have. Think again – your body will hoard fat if it thinks you need to survive starvation. We need to convince our bodies that we are not entering a period of starvation.

Two sources influenced me in this step – Food Lovers Fat Loss System and the book The New Glucose Revolution for Diabetes. I recommend them both to you. They teach you how to be healthy but still eat foods you love (hence the title “Food Lovers”).