Labels Not Just On Your Clothes

Labels… not just on your clothes anymore.

Labels. One of the hottest things going to evaluate if another person is anywhere in the same universe of “cool” with you. Teens sum up one another in a single glance of icons on clothing. That’s disturbing in and of itself as we aren’t the sum of our labels. But what’s more disturbing, are the labels we attach to others.

“Bitch.” “Whore.” “Asshole.” “Jerk.” You get my point.

When people become labels to us, they stop being human beings. They become “things.” They become the enemy. They are no longer a part of humanity, they are outcast to some other region, not worthy of our respect, attention, caring and empathy. That’s scary as that’s how violence begins.

One teen recently told me she met a girl who was a “real bitch” as she put it. Just hated her! After accidentally bumping into the “enemy” girl, they had a long honest talk. The girl discovered the “bitch” had been recently abused and was not coping well. Her bitchiness was a result of her trauma. The label of “bitch” melted away, and the girl reached out and helped her now new friend. Moral of the story?


I know I sound like your mom right now, but girls….go out this weekend, look past the alligators or polo players, the cool plaid, the juicy…whatever the hip hot labels are in your neck of the woods, and look past the label you have given someone you don’t like very much. Can you do U TURN and look again? Can you see they are human, and figuring out life, JUST LIKE YOU? Can you open your heart just a tiny bit? Are you willing to LISTEN to their story?

Let me know how it went. Let me know how good your heart felt afterwords.